You fly, we take care

In Vertiports Network we are building next Advanced Air Mobility software, ATM and Digital Twins.

Our vision

Future Air Mobility (Advanced Air Mobility or AAM) will change our cities and the way we move through them. 

In this new complex escenario, several elements will need to interact within each other: users or passengers, vertiports, fleets of eVTOLs,  current airspace traffic and  city’s standard mobility. 

Managing this unique complexity will need an unique software design and implementation. An holistic approach is required, as mentioned by aerospace agencies and consultants.

We are placing software in the middle of our technology, as the main factor on the AAM equation. Once in place, anything else will be adapted accordantly.

We are designing the software needed to orchestrate first networks of vertiports, and so, building an unique Vertiports Network: fully distributed. software-managed and supporting autonomous flight operations.

Software architecture at its best

A distributed network needs a state-of-the-art software architecture.

With data at its core, we are building a whole micro-service ecosystem to manage every aspect of a vertiport and eVTOL flying and maintenance operation.

Autonomous-based, AI will rule main aspects of the network: from the Navigation Engine to the Energy Management System, Passenger Management, etc.

Finally, our domain-specific Digital Twin will represent the state of the network in real-time, in every possible aspect. We are using a top notch 3D engine to support, not only accurate simulations, but VR as well.

Everything for the
Flying experience

Our leimotiv is simple and clear:

«You fly, we take care»

Our software will take care of your whole flight operation, working together with, and assisting human operators in, to obtain the best fly experience possible for our customers.

We want to change our cities mobility, and we will do it by putting Vertiports Network’s customers at its center.